Forensic Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation Evaluation

forensic rehab expert

Accessible Rehab Evaluations may assist you in providing you with an expert opinion on:

  • a client’s physical and functional status
  • determining function potential of an injured athlete
  • determining MVA treatment plan justification
  • establishing biomechanical and rehabilitate reasonable cause to effect relationships
  • litigation requiring a physiotherapist Court Expert Witness

To provide an elite level of evaluations, we have maintained field leadership in terms of treatment delivery, quantitative and qualitative evaluations based on peer-reviewed research, and on-going post-graduate training and certification.  This has allowed us to be considered a leader in our field of orthopedic, sport and industrial rehabilitation.

On several occasions, Physiotherapy Expert Witness Services has been provided for the Superior Ontario Court for litigation in malpractice accusation cases and insurance claim cases.

An independent physiotherapy evaluation also provides the referral source with an Independent point of view of the present client’s status, as well as an opinion of his/her future functional outcome.

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