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On-Site Work Injury Seminar

Train the employee/employer

iStock_000006014384XSmall[1]These seminars are focused on musculoskeletal injury prevention and are customized to the type of work done in your facility. If your workplace has a high risk for back injury, this will be reflected in the training using digital images of YOUR workers. Training may have a back injury prevention focus, upper extremity injury prevention focus or a combination of these depending on the nature of the work.

Train the trainer

This program takes 1-2 days and can provide a group of employees, who have an interest in ergonomics, with an understanding of the risks for pain and discomfort, the postures that reduce this risk and the basics of workstation set up. Participants will receive a manual and forms to assist them in the use of basic ergonomics in their work environment. Detailed analysis of musculoskeletal problems will not be covered in this course.

Other topics:

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